13 Ideas To Decorate A Small And Modern Room

Decorate A Small And Modern Room

Today you will learn how to take advantage of spaces, windows, different textures, soft tones, sober, modern, opposite colors, rugs, armchairs, poufs, and paintings.

I will show you Ideas to decorate a small and modern room, simple but stylish, minimalist and organic, with a rustic touch, in addition to how plants and lighting are added.

Make Your Room Look Modern and Wide by adding Smart ideas to your Decoration. Today you will know very simple ways to achieve it!

Nowadays it is very common that when acquiring a house or apartment, we find ourselves with the problem of space, since the properties are increasingly reduced.

If you are one of those who do not have much space for your house and specifically for the area of ​​the living room!, Or live in an apartment where the furniture does not fit perfectly and far from looking functional, your decoration is usually saturated.

This post is for you, because we bring a super complete book, with Ideas to Decorate a Small and Modern Room, where you will learn to Decorate your Home, even when space is not something.

We have 13 Ideas to Decorate a Small Room and Make it Look Modern. So if you are ready and you have now to write down …. Let’s start!

Soft and Warm Colors

Adding soft and warm colors to your walls will make your room expand, thanks to the amplitude optical effect that these tones provide, this is great for decorating small rooms.

Different Textures

The combination of textures in floors and walls achieves an impressive effect of spaciousness … So do not hesitate to apply this recommendation!

Large Windows

Add windows to your living room design, but do it in an impressive size… Natural light will provide lighting to the room and this will make the room appear larger and more modern.


The rugs are one of those accessories that will add character and good taste to the decoration of your room, in addition the trivial design makes the lower space in the room look bigger, it is certainly a good idea for small rooms.


We talked previously about the alternative of white as the predominant color, but if the idea does not appeal to you, I recommend using some restrained tones in contrast, that make a balance, bring life to the walls, but without reducing the spaces, so that your small room looks modern and more extensive.

Stylish individual armchair

The individual armchairs are practical, adding style and modernity to the decoration of your living room.

Black and white

Betting on the combination of white and black ensures a totally elegant and modern design. I recommend, if you choose to add black to one of the walls, take the background as a reference point, because that will make even when the color is drastic, it will not saturate the area, so that your house looks a small room and modern.

Add poufs

They are very cute, practical and the best thing is that when you do not require them you can store them on some corner of your room and they will still look very good, without a doubt the Poufs were designed for small and modern rooms.

With a Rustic Touch

The rustic touch is perfect to get spaces filled with that cozy air that we all seek to have in the small room of our home.

Opposite Colors

The predominant color and above all, found on the walls is white, so adding colors full of life, is an alternative for decorating modern rooms, as long as we do it in the furniture.

White and Blue

Clean walls in light tones, enough but cozy furniture with style and a lot of elegance in design.

Decorate a Wall With Tiles

They add a touch of modernity and the best thing is that the tile design does not matter, you can play with any idea, as it will never affect the size of your room.

Total simplicity

When we talk about small and modern rooms, it is always good to remember that we intend to design a cozy space. And you can do it, without loading the room … Less does more; remember it is a mathematical rule!


I hope you put these ideas into practice as we would love to see our own beautiful looking room in your home. Share these ideas with your family and friends too.

Remember to drop your comments below. Thanks.

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